|01 note| Friday, Apr 13 at 1:37 pm

Welcome, Ladies & Gents,

to the 絵本 Theater.

Admission is free w/ donation of at least one like, reblog, or comment acceptable.

The format of this blog goes from right to left. Oldest entries towards the newest. With each “scene” (blog post) holding a link back to the “opening act” (1st blog post of the story) as well as a “next” and “previous” button for your convenience. Though, that isn’t entirely needed since this theater allows you to scroll from right to left instead of vertically.

Each performance is written in a “play-like” format. You will see the script as well as scenes from our cast of performing characters.

Sit back and have a snack.
I hope you enjoy your stay at the  絵本 Theater.

The Theater will be Opened Soon. For now, it’s UNDER CONSTRUCTION”